Is the data reliable?
All information used on Le4 is from different numbers of research institutions, news companies, and organizations. Yet, to offer a broad picture of the world’s challenges we also use data from a number of smaller businesses.

All data sources used to make each counter can be seen by clicking the “Resources” button on every counter page.

Our motivation
The key objective of the information presented on this website, and the motivation behind Le4, is to create awareness! Awareness of the numerous social and environmental challenges the world faces. But also aware of how we all can play a part in reversing negative trends and in creating positive change throughout the things we buy.

We consider creating awareness is the first step towards change.

Selected, non-exhaustive data
It isn’t our ambition to cover all parts of the themes that we cover (Our environment, Energy & Climate, Your health, Folks, You & your stuff). Instead, we’ve chosen data that we believe is useful to illustrate what’s happening around the world.

Supporting the precautionary principle
The principle precaution is described as ” caution exercised in the context”. It’s a sort of insurance policy against our own ignorance or lack of understanding. It asks for evidence that something is safe rather than proof that something is insecure.

The precautionary principle must be implemented both for patterns that have to be stopped and for activities that will need to be taken.

Our support of the principle implies that we have a tendency to choose the”prudent stance” in our selection of information when there is still scientific debate. We’re conscious that disagreements within research communities exist but we can’t go into depth about these issues more than we do in the sources for each statistic.

‘Positive’ vs. ‘Negative’ data
The website comprises data on a lot of negative developments. We’ve discovered this necessary to establish the argument that profound changes are necessary. We attempt to balance the negative tendencies with information on the positive possibility of change.

Real-time data
To better illustrate what is happening with the social and environmental challenges that we cover on this website, we’ve chosen to represent the data using ‘real-time’ counters — in the expectation that the reader will find a better feel for what is happening right now, and around the clock. These counters are based on several different point estimates and projections, and might therefore not represent clinically precise numbers.

We are not a research institution
We don’t create any initial information but rely on information from a high number of organizations, research institutions, news services, etc.. We aim to utilize data from respected and recognized organizations. But we also use data from a high number of smaller businesses, blogs, etc.. If you want to learn more about a subject we recommend that you check the sources provided.